Fresh Figs, Four Ways

Pork Tenderloin with Figs, Onions, Salami, and Cornichons

Having gone fairly traditional with the appetizer and salad course, I was looking for something more unusual for the main course. This recipe for Pork with Figs and Charcuterie which I found on, certainly fit the bill.  A grilled pork loin (I used tenderloin) is topped with a sauce of sauteed onions, figs, slivered hard salami, and cornichons.  As unlikely as that combination sounds, the result was complex, unusual, and quite delicious.  Hard salami and other cured meats, which tend to be high in fat and sodium, are not a regular feature on my table.  However, the salami is used as more of a condiment here–and, as occasional indulgences go,  it more than pulled its weight.

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One thought on “Fresh Figs, Four Ways

  1. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful concept. Just eat fresh fruit. Well, maybe I will reconsider. With the figs I will add a couple slices of prociutto …

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