Product Review: Hodgson Mill Bulgur with Soy

I’m not sure whether this is a new product or just new to me, but I recently came across this in the “healthy foods” aisle at my local grocery store and was intrigued enough to put it in my cart.

Hodgson Mills Bulgur Wheat with Soy

I’ve written before about the benefits of adding more protein to your diet and this seemed like an interesting way to pump up the protein in a food that would normally be mostly carbohydrates.  The addition of roasted, cracked soybeans to the cracked wheat doubles the protein content to about 10 grams per serving–and reduces carbs by about the same amount, yielding a far more balanced food.

The taste test

I expected to see and taste the added soy but to my surprise, the bulgur with soy looks, cooks, and tastes just like regular bulgur.  It was also the same price.

You could use it in any recipe calling for bulgur wheat, such as a classic tabouli.  On the box, you’ll also find recipes for bulgur pilaf and muffins (which would be a great way to use up extra cooked bulgur).   If you like the nubby texture of steel cut oats,  you’d probably also enjoy this as a hot cereal–and, unlike most breakfast cereals, this one has a nice protein kick.  I enjoyed it topped with fresh peaches and kefir.

This one’s a keeper, folks.

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Hodgson Mill Bulgur with Soy

  1. Thank you Monica! I saw this at the store when I was looking for bulgur, and this was the only kind they had. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I was pleasantly surprised, and now I’m glad to hear your opinion on it. I try to keep soy in my diet to a minimum, but it sounds like it’s well worth it here. Thanks for the information!

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