This Week’s Podcast | Nutritional Advantages of Grass-Fed Beef

Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling FabulousIn this week’s podcast, I talk about the differences between conventionally-raised and grass-fed beef. In particular, I take  a closer look at some of the nutrition claims you sometimes hear.  If you’re eating grass-fed beef because you’ve heard it’s higher in omega-3 or other nutrients, you’ll want to read or listen to it here!

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Podcast | Nutritional Advantages of Grass-Fed Beef

  1. I really enjoyed your article/podcast about grass fed beef. While I do agree, you can put a spin on anything to make it sound good, I feel that there are many benefits, environmental, ethical, and health, to selecting grass fed beef over grain fed beef. To me, as far as health goes, the fact that grass fed beef has fewer calories and fat than grain fed beef, is reason enough for me to make the switch. I work with La Cense Beef where all of their cattle are grass fed and given no pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. I would recommend to anyone to give their Gras Fed Beef a shot!

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