Nutrition comparison of gluten-free flours

In this week’s episode of the Nutrition Diva podcast, I reviewed the nutritional benefits of watermelon seed flour in comparison to other gluten- and grain-free flours. You can listen to the episode here and below is a chart showing the nutritional values for several of the most common types.

1/4 cupCaloriesProtein (g)Fat (g)Sat fat (g)Carb (g)Fiber (g)Calcium (mg)Potassium (mg)
Watermelon seed flour17891535017207
Almond flour16061206472210
Coconut flour12063218106600
Cassava flour13000031220106
Gluten-free baking flour130200301459
Paleo baking flour110440.513327160
White pastry flour12030.50261658
Whole wheat pastry flour11040.502337111

2 thoughts on “Nutrition comparison of gluten-free flours

  1. When I heard you say watermelon seed flour didn’t contain the “top 8”- I thought you were going to say the nutrients required to be in wheat flours. If someone uses this flour a lot, they may need to get those B vitamins & iron elsewhere

  2. Gluten free flour is an interesting culinary topic and it surprised me to see just how many variations there are. Coconut flour seems to pack the biggest punch in terms of potassium, so it’ll be interesting to use that in future recipes.

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