How to weigh less in 2018: The DIY plan

All week, I’ve been hearing people talk about how much weight they’ve gained over the holidays and what diet or cleanse they’re planning to start January 1.

Meanwhile, here’s what we’re hearing from the current members of the Weighless program:

“Right before Thanksgiving, I reached the (previously fictional) weight on my driver’s license! And then, to my surprise, was able to maintain it through the holidays. Feeling good!”

“I have actually lost some weight over the holiday. Not…even…trying. LOVE this program.”

“I am amazed at how much the Weighless program has affected my thinking. I am not at all stressed about all the food around me.”

These are word-for-word quotes and there are dozens more where these came from. It literally brings tears to my eyes to read them.

I realize that not everyone can (or will) decide to do the Weighless Program but I want EVERYONE to have this experience! And that’s why we’ve decided to give it away.

On Tuesday evening (Jan 2nd) Brock Armstrong and I are offering a free 1 hour video class in which we’ll walk you through the exact method that our members are using to get these amazing results.

You can do this on your own if you choose. Or, if you decide to join the group that’s launching January 5th, Brock and I will be there with you every step of the way. Either way, we want EVERYONE to have this information.


One thought on “How to weigh less in 2018: The DIY plan

  1. I’m just heard about you now. Is there anyway I could still listen to the video class you did on January 2.

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