What are the NGPA questions based on?

Q. What is the basis for the questions in  the Nutrition GPA quiz?

A. The questions in the Nutrition GPA app are based on decades of research into the foods and eating patterns most strongly and consistently linked to overall dietary quality, nutrient intakes, and health outcomes. Click here to see some of the research underlying the Nutrition GPA™  concept.

These questions are designed not only to gather information about your intake of specific nutrients, but also to infer as much as we can about your overall diet quality, using as few questions as possible.  So, for example, what other foods tend to go along with that food? Or, what might you NOT be eating because you’re eating this instead?

Answering these simple yes-or-no questions will give you a quick assessment of each day’s nutrition. Your daily grades are averaged to calculate your Nutrition GPA (grade point average), so that you can how your nutritional choices stack up over time, and which way you are trending.

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