Is fish oil safe for those with fish allergies?

Fish and Prostate CancerKen writes:

“I have fish allergies. I’ve experienced anaphylactic shock from tuna and sushi a couple times. But I eat shellfish very frequently and never have a problem. Would krill oil be a safe source of Omega-3s for someone with fish (but not shellfish) allergies?”

Krill is a type of shellfish but there is always a risk of cross-contamination if finfish products are processed in the same facility.

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That said, fish (and shellfish) allergies are generally triggered by the proteins in the fish and these should be completely absent from any high quality fish or krill oil supplement.

A small study conducted in 2008 at St. Louis University found that fish oil appears to be safe for people with confirmed fish allergies.  Even so, I wouldn’t try this at home without an epi pen (and friend) at my side.

Personally, if I had experienced anaphylactic shock from seafood, I think I’d probably just play it safe and choose an omega-3 supplement generated from algae.  Alternatively, as this article explains, an omega-3 supplement may not be necessary.

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