This week: cricket tacos, manuka honey, unusual veggie recipes, garcinia cambogia, and more

cricket tacosMy column in this Style Magazine has tips for stashing vegetables in places neither your kids (nor your dinner guests) will ever suspect. All’s fair in love and vegetables, I like to say.

If, however, you decide to jump on the bandwagon and feature “micro-livestock” at your next dinner party, I advise against secrecy. Your friends may be able to forgive undisclosed cauliflower but might not feel the same about insects. I discussed the nutritional, ecological, and culinary arguments for eating bugs with (a rather squeamish) Tom Hall of WYPR as well as in this article for Food and Nutrition Magazine.

Mealworms on the menu too gross for you? My extended conversation with Jonathan Bailor of the Smarter Science of Slim focused on more conventional crops (!) and the role of urban gardens, the farm bill, and schoolyard vegetable patches in bringing communities closer and obesity rates down.

One thing that probably won’t be all that much help in the fight against obesity is garcinia cambogia. Despite its popularity, a review of the science suggests that any advantage might be more mental than anything else. I’m afraid the news on manuka honey wasn’t much better.

For those who enjoy cooking, here are two somewhat unconventional ways to cook two very conventional items that are in abundance at the the farmer’s market right now.   And, while I hate to take sides in a mother/daughter nutrition spat, I’m afraid I had to side with Mom on this one.

Keep those questions coming! (What would I write about otherwise??)

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