This week: Electrolytes, iodine, ORAC values, and more

ElectrolytesAs the dog days of summer stretch on, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at electrolytes and how to be sure you’re getting enough. Part of the answer depends on how much you sweat (or, if you’re a lady, how much you perspire)! Here’s a quick tip on how to calculate your sweat rate.

While we’re (sort of) on the topic of salt, here’s what you need to know about  iodine deficiency and how to avoid it. And from the “one more thing to worry about?” category, this week’s podcast explains what ORAC values mean for your health.

Plus, answers to m0re of your nutrition questions and dilemmas

What’s a complete protein? 

Tips for controling overeating

Delicious ways to use oat bran, flax, and chia

One thought on “This week: Electrolytes, iodine, ORAC values, and more

  1. Hi Monica – I’m very grateful for all your efforts! Bless you!

    I developed a “Science Diet”, core foods list, based on your IF criteria in conjunction with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s heart healthy regimen, and an on-line 17 source consensus of which foods are alkaline forming.

    I’m very interested in your take on “Structured” water and that area of cutting edge research – especially re: Clayton Nolte:

    Thanks so much for your time and attention-

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