Truth about TCBY’s new Super Fro-Yo, Perils of Unplanned Eating, and more

With the eye of Sandy bearing down quickly, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have power, so I will post a quick update while I still can!

Last week’s Nutrition Diva podcast talks about unplanned eating and how these “calories of opportunity” can sabotage a healthy diet.  This week, I went on an undercover stake out [LIVE VIDEO] to get the “scoop” on TCBY’s new Super Fro Yo, which they are promoting as a “guilt-free indulgence.” Get all the gripping details here.

Speaking of yogurt, the Nutrition Diva newsletter featured a listener question about what happens to the nutrients in milk when you make it into yogurt and another on the value of calcium-fortified foods. Are they any better than supplements?

Finally, I was honored to be nominated for Best Health and Lifestyle podcast in the 2012 Stitcher Awards.  I’m always flattered to be nominated for these things but, to tell you the truth, I’m unwilling to subject my network to the relentless “get out the vote” effort that winning requires.  Still, it’s nice to be noticed. (If you do want to vote, which you can do daily, you can do that here.)

Stay safe in the storm! If you lose power, save the canned goods and pasta and eat the most perishable items first!  I’ll see you when it’s over.


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