This week: how to get the most nutrition from watermelon, frozen yogurt, and when to eat your carbs

We finally got some relief from the heat here on the East Coast.  But cooling foods were definitely top of mind while we sweated it out.  This week’s Nutrition Diva podcast focuses on frozen desserts.  Find out whether frozen yogurt contains the same beneficial bacteria as regular yogurt.   Chilled watermelon is another great way to re-hydrate and beat the heat. On this week’s What’s Cooking blog, I’ve got some clever watermelon recipes, along with a surprising tip on how to increase the nutritional content of your melon.

Meanwhile, readers had questions about carbs this week. In the Nutrition Diva newsletter, I discuss whether a low-carb diet is a good idea for vegetarians. And on the Quick and Dirty blog, I review some research on the best time of day to eat your carbs.

Finally, I was tickled to learn that an article on spices that I wrote last winter for Food and Nutrition Magazine was awarded the Gold Hermes Creative Award for Feature Writing! I have to give most of the credit to Liz Spittler, my awesome editor at Food and Nutrition. This is the third time we’ve been honored for articles we’ve worked on together. Thanks, Liz!

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