This week: Fructose fears, apricot cures, and grilling tips

A public service campaign on one of the networks has as its tagline, The More You Know.  And information is, in general, a good thing. But sometimes it seems to me as if the constant stream of nutrition information and advice coming at you from all directions serves only to ratchet up needless anxiety.  Take, for example, the alarmist rhetoric about fructose that circulates around the internet these days.  I regularly hear from people who are now afraid to eat fruit. In this week’s Nutrition Diva podcast, I explain the two crucial details that the fructose fear-mongers forget to tell you.

In this week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter, I address internet rumors that eating apricot pits can help prevent cancer.  And on the Quick and Dirty Blog, I calm one reader’s fear that eating too many vegetables could  lead to vitamin toxicity and perhaps even cause her hair to fall out.

On a lighter note, as we Northern Hemispher-ites get ready to kick off the summer barbecue season, I have some reminders on how to keep those cook-outs healthy as well as delicious over on the What’s Cooking Blog.  (Don’t you love it when the thing that tastes better is also better for you?)


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