This week: Fish food, carrot tops, grain bellies, and inner toddlers


Parents quickly learn that redirecting a toddler’s attention toward an approved toy or activity works far better than simply saying “No”  to  undesirable behavior.  In this week’s Nutrition Diva podcast, I have some ideas on how to use the same strategy to tame the “inner toddler” of your appetite and make dieting a little easier.

On the Quick and Dirty Blog this week, a reader wonders how to square research on the benefits of whole grains with the anti-grain arguments put forth in the popular new book, Wheat Belly, by William Davis.  Meanwhile, on the What’s Cooking blog on, I discuss some of the pros and cons of adopting a gluten-free diet.

This month’s Smart Nutrition segment on WYPR-FM focused on the food OUR food eats, and how that affects our health and the environment. And in the random-facts-about-nutrition category, this week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter featured this Q&A on whether carrot greens are good for you–or even edible!

Finally, I had a great time talking with Harris Faulkner of Fox News about all things nutrition–pros and cons of red meat, recovering from surgery, energy drinks, organics, and whether growing your own vegetables actually saves money!


2 thoughts on “This week: Fish food, carrot tops, grain bellies, and inner toddlers

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    Thanks Team
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