Pink Slime, foods for ADD, benefits of beets, and omega ratios

Can beets lower your blood pressure?

After some prominent Harvard scientists sniffed that the idea of an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is “a myth with absolutely no data to support it,”  I devoted an episode of the Nutrition Diva podcast to a quick review of this “non-existent” data.  On the Quick and Dirty Blog, I check into rumors that foods high in choline might offer help for kids with ADD and in my weekly newsletter, I field questions about beets and blood pressure.  On our monthly Smart Nutrition segment on WYPR-FM, Tom Hall and I unpack the Pink Slime controversy and on the What’s Cooking blog, I’ve got tips on foods that help protect your skin from UV damage without interfering with Vitamin D production.


One thought on “Pink Slime, foods for ADD, benefits of beets, and omega ratios

  1. Kudos to you Monica for injecting some much needed reason into the hysteria-fueled national condemnation of “pink slime”. Two of my pet peeves are scientific illiteracy and food waste, and in this case the former will be causing the latter. It reminds me a little of the fuss over GM foods, and of how Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging had to drop the “Nuclear” from its name before the public would accept MRIs. Thank you for once again defending reason in the face of uninformed panic.

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