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  1. Hi, I noticed your book on the inflammation free diet at my bookstore. Haven’t seen your newest one, but at a glance the other looked good.
    I am 30 years old and have been underweight for a few years due to anxiety, extreme stress and exhaustion, and some past dips and lows in either orthorexia/binging. Now I’m gaining, but since I have a lot to gain, I’ve only been doing one daily walk and that’s it 🙁 That makes me sad because I never exercise (no gym and no motivation and so lethargic). I also have a lot of cramping and constipation and gas buildup that traps in my body and causes bad stitches. I’ve had useless nutriionists tell me this or that (paleo, vegan, don’t force food, do, etc etc)…right now I’m stuck at 1500 cals and stuffed all the time (not vegan, but i am fixated on protein …i feel like my body needs a detox (considering i am so impacted, full of stitches, have occasional binges, force myself to eat 6x a day because i NEED to gain, and my belly feels full of unhealthy bacteria). However, I am not silly enough to just do some crazy detox and lose more weight.
    I need STABILITY and a fresher approach to ease my stomach pains. I have no more insurance or money for anybody and doctors are not helpful for me. So, please, any thoughts? Seriously, should I follow for example your menu plans in your 2006 book?or 2011? or another on the market? (keep in mind i need to gain, but feel so confused with the whole “high protein” that everyone emphasises, plus confused with how to eat because I have weaknesses with orthorexia and binging…) maybe you can email me or at least offer something? I need a suggestion for a solid, stable, consistent meal plan to follow so that i get consistency and stability to my life and start gaining (without all this terrible physical discomfort). Thanks!

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