3 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling FabulousIf you’ve ever lost more than ten pounds or so, you know that the last five pounds are the hardest to  lose. You’re still doing all the right things (eating less, moving more) and the scale suddenly refuses to budge. Today, I have three tips for how to deal with a stubborn weight loss plateau, including a lesser-known technique called “calorie cycling.”   Read or listen to it here.


One thought on “3 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

  1. No matter if I eat less or do more sport or eat less and do more sport – there is no change of weight for me. Perhaps my brain is too smart and sees through my plans at onec. The only result is that I get more tired…
    But I will try the calorie cycle plan. What calorie amount would you recommend? Based on my 100% calorie need: 80% on low calorie days and 110% on high calorie days? Or even more/less?
    Do you know a good and reliable tool to calculate my actual calorie need?

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