This Picture Speaks a Thousand Calories (or So)

Anything strike you about this photo (from the February 2011 issue of Shape Magazine)?

February 2011 issue of Shape magazine, p. 172

“An ounce of nuts has around 170 calories plus healthy fats, fiber, and protein to satisfy you,” reads the caption.   No argument there.  Just don’t use this photo as a guide to portion size! The bag of nuts shown in the photograph contains at least six ounces of nuts…over 1,000 calories worth.  (Maybe it’s her snacks for the entire week.)

A one ounce serving of nuts is about 1/4 of a cup, or a small handful.


5 thoughts on “This Picture Speaks a Thousand Calories (or So)

  1. Nice, but is this pro or con regarding nuts? I love nuts but really have to watch myself because I couile probably eat 3-4 ounces without thinking about it.

    1. James, nuts are great nutritionally but, as you say, you can consume a LOT of calories in a short period of time if you’re not careful. If you need the calories, no problem! If you need to watch your calories, then you need to be careful to keep your servings small.

  2. At first I thought this was an add for breastfeeding! Haha! Glad I read the text.

    Nuts are tricky. I think it’s like most things… in moderation.

  3. I always recommend nuts to friends who say they have a problem gaining weight – lucky things! Unfortunately, I definitely have to keep them as a small-portion treat.

  4. I love nuts but I think I am addicted to natural peanut butter. I eat it out of the jar and I don’t stop after one tablespoon… Are peanuts as good as almonds or walnuts? Should I scale down my consumption of peanut butter even though I only buy the natural organic one?

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