2 thoughts on “Searching for the elusive get out of jail free card

  1. Hi Monica!
    Regarding the first study you cited, I use it in some of my classes, but in my view, the biggest drawback is the design of the study. It compares all of your carbs eaten at once x your carbs spread throughout the day. So I guess eating your carbs at once may have a few advantages, but we cannot really say that eating them at dinner time is the best option. It would be possible to make better conclusions if they had a third group eating all the carbs for breakfast and maybe a forth group, eating all the carbs for lunch. My guess is that eating all the carbs for breakfast could be more beneficial, since some studies with pre diabetics and diabetics have shown a better glycemic control (and a better second meal effect) when more carbs are eaten early in the morning. But anyways, just my thoughts…

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