3 thoughts on “Milk, Breast Cancer Risk, and Sloppy Science Communication

  1. I was really surprised by the stat that the avg. woman drinks less than 3/4 c of milk per day! I have nothing to base my surprise on, really, but I was still surprised. I drink four cups of milk a day, Monday thru Friday. My weekend diet is not as regimented, which is not unusual, I know. Yes, I enjoy milk. It IS a major source of protein and Ca for me. Based on your presentation here, my risk is low and I am not changing my habit. I appreciate your cutting thru the clutter to get to the reality of the matter.

    1. Kate, 4 cups/day! I’m surprised by how much. Do you stick with organic versions? Any concerns about the possibility of hormones and/or antibiotics in your milk?

  2. I wrote to the first author on that paper, Dr. Gary Fraser, to please correct the Loma Linda press release. Let’s see if any action is taken. Maybe you should write too, Monica! Not only are the statics presented poorly, they quoted him as saying that dairy (or something related to dairy) is a CAUSE of breast cancer. No wonder the public is confused.

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