What’s your biggest weight loss struggle?

A. Can’t stick to a diet long enough to lose weight.

B. Lose weight but then gain it all back.

C.  Can’t figure out which dietary approach is best

I posted this question to my Facebook page recently and comments poured in almost immediately. Apparently,  a LOT of us are struggling.

Interestingly, there was no clear “winner” in terms of the biggest challenge. Votes were roughly equally divided among all three, with a fair number of people choosing “all of the above.”

We struggle to figure out which diet we should follow. Then, we struggle to stick to it long enough to lose weight. And if we do manage to lose any weight, we eventually end up gaining it all back.

I think all three of these struggles are due to a single cause: Dieting.

Diets are not the solution. They’re the problem.

We have been taught that solution to being overweight is to go on a diet. When we fail, we’re told that we picked the wrong diet. Fortunately, there is always another diet to try. And around and around we go.

But if dieting worked, we’d ALL be thin by now. And it’s not about finding the “right” diet or the will power to stick to it.  It’s about finding your healthy weight and the life that goes with it. 

Lets try something different

It’s time to stop dieting and start weighing less. And I don’t mean “Once you weigh less, you can stop dieting.” I mean, “If you want to weigh less, you have got to stop dieting.”

For lifelong dieters, I know that’s easier said than done. I have supported hundreds of people through the process of “diet withdrawal” and helped them find their path to sustainable weight loss.  It doesn’t happen overnight. But, like any journey, it does start with a single step. Why not take it today?

Click below to learn more about a proven program that has already helped hundreds of people escape the endless cycle of failed and yo-yo diets.  You have nothing to lose…except the struggle (and the weight).

One thought on “What’s your biggest weight loss struggle?

  1. Many people swear by diets that are low in carbohydrates or gluten-free or revolve around fasting two days out of seven. Dr. Lee Kaplan, an obesity researcher at Harvard, says there is no diet or weight-loss regimen that is guaranteed to work but that people can often maintain a loss of 5 percent of their weight, which is enough for health benefits to kick in. He tells his patients to try one weight-loss program after another in hopes of finding something that works for them.

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