When to introduce common food allergens to babies

Which baby foods contain dangerous levels of arsenic“What does the current research show to be the best way to introduce common food allergens to my 8-month old son to decrease his chances of developing a food allergy? I have heard differing opinions.”

The latest research suggests that introducing common food allergens early in life can actually decrease the risk of food allergies in kids. And this appears to be true even when children are at elevated risk of allergy.  Even so, it would be wise to check in with your pediatrician, especially if a baby has asthma or other allergic conditions like severe eczema, or if a parent has severe food allergies.

Experts recommend introducing new foods one at a time and in small quantities. If the baby has no observable reaction to a food, you can continue to feed it in increasing quantities. After introducing a new food, wait three days before trying a new one.

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