This week: prostate health, protein myths, bulletproof coffee, high tech health, and more

coffee beans and brewedWilll adding butter to your coffee render you “bullet-proof”?  In this week’s podcast, Ryanne Gallagher and I attempt to get to the bottom of this hot new trend.

The Nutrition Diva newsletter has info on foods that act as natural blood-thinners. You can also  listen in as WYPR’s Tom Hall and I hash out the pros and cons of vitamin supplements.

This discussion of wheat grass as a protein source led to a (much more interesting) discussion on stastistics and easy it is to manipulate them to mislead unwary consumers. And for men and those who love them, here’s diet and nutrition tips for a healthy prostate.

In this month’s STYLE magazine, I’ve got some kind words to say about sugar. Sometimes, nothing but the real thing will do!

And from my ongoing series for Intel on technology and health:

The Quantified Self
More and more people are using wearable computers to tally their biostats. What can you gain from jumping on the bandwagon? Find out here.

The Power of Tracking
If you’re not ready to commit to change, simply commit to keeping track. What happens next might surprise you

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