This week: getting your diet back on track, wild game, pregnant vegetarians, and more…

Understanding Nutrition Facts labelsTrue confessions: I recently noticed that my dietary choices of late have been…well…less than optimal.  What’s a Nutrition Diva to do? In this week’s podcast, I remind my listeners (and myself) of the power of planning.  So often, the reason my day doesn’t quite as planned is because I really don’t have a plan. See if any of these tips might help you get back on track.

From the mailbag, we’re looking at the nutritional advantages of wild game, confusion about what’s included in the fiber on those nutrition facts labels, and an expectant dad worries about whether his pregnant wife is getting sufficient nutrients from her vegetarian diet.

Finally, looking for a way to stay motivated? Try crowd-sourcing your mojo! Here’s how.


4 thoughts on “This week: getting your diet back on track, wild game, pregnant vegetarians, and more…

  1. You know, I’ve really never been into wild game but I keep hearing about it. And of course there’s the added advantage that it hasn’t been raised on hormones and antibiotics. Hmmm.

  2. Being a pregnant woman and being vegetarian I have no worries if I have enough nutrients I know that my diet is full of all the good healthy organic foods producing fantastic nutrients. For me I would rather give my child good healthy nutrients. The way I see it we don’t feed our babies cow milk right from the getgo so eating meat etc while I’m pregnant (or not) is not good nutrients, for me or my baby

  3. Planning is crucial for staying healthy through out the week. Every Sunday I prep as much of my weeks meals as possible. I cut down my prep time by ten to fifteen minutes a day which adds up over time. Stress is always my diet downfall so anything I can do to make my life easier the better. Thanks for the helpful links!

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