Tune in to the TODAY show March 14th

Is Coffee Good For You? Find out on the TODAY show with Monica ReinagelWhat have you always wanted to know about coffee? I’ll be on the TODAY show this Thursday (3/14) to talk about America’s obsession with coffee and how it may be helping (or harming) our health.  Tell the TODAY how you feel about your coffee and tweet your questions to the producers using the tag #caffeinatednation. We’ll be answering many of those questions during the segment, which should air about 8:20am (ET).

While you’re waiting, check out this week’s Nutrition Diva episode on diet-betting.A surprising number of people are finding success by signing up for programs that use financial rewards—or penalties—to motivate them to achieve their goals. It might be just the thing to jump-start your efforts, or to boost you across the finish line.  

In fact, the folks at DietBet.com have set up a special game for Nutrition Diva fans to support each other in a friendly weight-loss wager. Check it out here. (Disclosure:  DietBet.com is a new sponsor of the Nutirtion Diva podcast.)

And if you’re trying to watch your weight, you won’t want to miss this quick tip on the foods that are LEAST likely to satisfy your appetite.


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