This week: surprising heart healthy foods, calcium warnings, and comparison of hemp, chia, and flax

The annual observation of  Heart Health month always triggers a predictable parade of articles endorsing the same “heart healthy” foods: almonds, flax, salmon, red wine, chocolate.  This year, I decided to go rogue with five heart-healthy foods that you probably didn’t see on anyone else’s list, along with the reasons they deserve a place on your cardio-conscious diet. But maybe I shouldn’t assume that everyone has gotten the memo on diet and heart health. This reader’s doctor actually suggested that she start using  powdered creamer in her coffee to help bring down her high cholesterol levels.  After picking my jaw up off the floor, I made a different suggestion.

At your request, I also put together a comparison of flax, chia, and hemp seed. Are all high in fiber and omega-3s–but there are also a few important differences. Find out how these three seeds stack up nutritionally and how to use them.

Calcium was also in the news this week, with a new study linking high dose calcium supplements to heart disease.  Read my recommendations for balancing bone health and heart health.  Also, find out  how much calcium is absorbed from various foods.  Also, a tip on what to do with the liquid that sometimes forms on top of yogurt.

Thanks for all the great questions and topic suggestions. Coming up soon: Wagering on Weight Loss, and a review of the Paleo Diet!

2 thoughts on “This week: surprising heart healthy foods, calcium warnings, and comparison of hemp, chia, and flax

  1. I think it’s amazing what some doctors will prescribe. Powdered cream? Yikes! Thanks for pointing everyone in the right direction. I’m definitely adding the three magic seeds to my diet. I think I’ll pick up a good cereal with flax seed the next time I am at the store. Thanks for the healthy recommendations!

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