This week: the science of satiety, nutrition and hair loss, misleading nutrition labels, and more

Can’t get no satisfaction? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this week’s two part series on satiety and satiation. Part 1 is on foods that help you feel full on fewer calories. Part 2 deals with foods that help keep you feeling full longer.  If you’re trying to limit your calorie intake you want to use both of these factors to your advantage.  Plus, learn how your environment can make you more (or less) hungry!

Calorie counters may also want to check out this item on “zero-calorie” salad dressings. There’s definitely more going on here than the nutrition facts label may suggest.

In the mailbag this week, we have a question from a young man wondering whether dietary changes might help  him hang onto his prematurely thinning hair.  Also, a note from a young lady hoping to become pregnant, wondering how to get enough DHA to support healthy brain development without exposing her unborn child to dangerous levels of mercury.

Upcoming Appearances:

Saturday, March 9th, Spokane, WA:  Using an Anti-inflammatory Diet to Optimize Performance

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