Product Review: Two Thumbs Up for Better Bean Company


Food companies frequently ask if they can send me samples of new  “healthy” food products to review.  I usually try to fend these offers off because, quite frankly, so many of these products are just over-processed, over-priced foods wearing a health halo.  [Note to PR reps: if you send it to me, I WILL post an honest review. If I ask you not to send it, that’s definitely a hint you should take.]

However, after checking out Better Bean Co.’s website, I was eager to try their new products and gratefully accepted their offer to send some for me to sample.  I have to say: These beans are just as impressive on the fork as they are on paper.

I eat a lot of legumes. They’re a great source of protein and fiber–and an essential food group for anyone looking to cut back on meat and/or grains, reduce the carbon footprint of their diet, or save money on groceries. And with so many kinds of beans and ways to cook with them, I never get bored.

As Good As Home-made (Maybe Better!)

Better Bean products are made the way I would make them myself–with wholesome, fresh ingredients and no chemicals.  They’re  fresh-tasting, well-seasoned, and with that firm texture that you just can’t get from a can.  Of course, you’ll pay a little more for these ready-to-eat beans than you would for dried beans that you make yourself. But, in my opinion, the quality and convenience easily justify the price. A $4 carton of Three Sister’s Chili makes a heart and yummy (and virtually instant)  lunch for two.  All five flavors are tasty but the chili and the Wholly Chipotle Bean dip were my favorite.

(One request for Better Bean: I appreciated the low-waste, recyclable packaging but would love it if the lids were just a little bit more secure.)

Distribution for these new products is still limited but growing quickly. You can check the company website for stores near you.


One thought on “Product Review: Two Thumbs Up for Better Bean Company

  1. Thanks for the tip on Better Bean Co. (good name). They look great, but I couldn’t find any nutrition facts on their website regarding sodium levels (so many packaged bean products are LOADED with salt). When I don’t have time to make from scratch, right now I rely on Eden Foods Organic, no-salt added, in their BPA-free cans. They have a great variety of beans, with surprisingly good texture, and the added seaweed lends a subtle flavor that really enhances beans. Whole Foods 365 no-salt beans in their BPA-free Tetra boxes aren’t bad either. I’ll keep an eye out for Better Bean, and if their sodium levels aren’t stratospheric, I’ll look forward to trying them.

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