This week: Answers to your questions on miso, mold, agave, and fro-yo

Forgive the brevity…holiday madness forces me to settle for a quick round-up of recent activity. This week, for your listening and reading pleasure:

What you need to know about mold in (and on) food
Plus, how to keep mold from growing on your sport bottles!

Mystery ingredients in frozen yogurt
What explains the suspicious creaminess of non-fat yogurt?

Nutritional pros and cons of miso
Miracle food or sodium sink?

Nutritional pros and cons of agave nectar
What do you gain by subbing agave for regular sugar?

Fructose and your liver
Why avoiding HFCS probably won’t make your liver healthier

Making sugar from scratch
Martha Stewart would be proud…but what does Nutrition Diva think?

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays to the fullest!


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