This week: Genetics and nutrition, cocoa nibs, egg yolks, and more

What do our genes have to say about our nutrition needs?

The connection between genetics and nutrition seems to be on many people’s minds these days.  In a recent Nutrition Diva podcast, I discussed a new DNA test that supposedly reveals exactly what foods and supplements you should be eating.  And in the ND newsletter, I fielded a question from a reader who had been told to eliminate tropical fruit from her diet because her ancestors stemmed from Northern Europe.   In truth, I think our nutrition choices affect how our genes behave much more than our genes dictate our nutritional needs.

Other topics I covered in the last two weeks include the pros and cons of cocoa nibs, blood tests that supposedly reveal hidden food sensitivities, as well as my take on sensational headlines about egg yolks being as dangerous as smoking.  Finally, check the What’s Cooking blog on for some recipes for Jerusalem artichokes.

2 thoughts on “This week: Genetics and nutrition, cocoa nibs, egg yolks, and more

  1. I will forever eat omega-3 enriched eggs, I do not care what the PRESS says… The problem is, is that most people only read headlines and not the actual article, resulting is skewed information. Eggs are not unhealthy! I hate that they get a bad rap all the time! Definitely curious about the genetic testing and food connection!

  2. Genetic is quickly being replaced by epigenetics, and so it should be. Microbes seem to be running the human body anyway we are only a conduit for them with 90% of the cells in the human body belonging to microbes Blaser M – Missing Microbes: How killing Bacteria Creates Modern Plagues (2014).

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