Nutrition Round-Up: carbs and weight gain, prebiotics, sports nutrition tips, and your questions answered

Almonds lower in calories than previously thought
An almond tree in bloom

This week’s round-up is turbo-charged with two weeks’ worth of nutrition advice and commentary (due to the fact that I failed to post a round-up last week)!

Let’s start with the headliners: In last week’s Nutrition Diva podcast, I took a closer look at all the media buzz around the latest study on carbs and weight gain. As usual, there’s a little more to the story than the sound-bytes would suggest.   Also in the news, almonds turn out to be less caloric than we thought.

Speaking of nuts (and no, I am not referring to my dear readers!), a fan wrote in with a question about PB2, the new low-fat peanut butter(like) product taking calorie-counters by storm. Sometimes, less really is less. While we’re on the subject of calories, here’s a quick and dirty tip for a reader who wondered whether it makes more sense to focus on fat or calories when selecting non-dairy milk.

Over on the What’s Cooking blog, I have a post on selenium, what it does for you, and where you get it,  including some yum recipes.  You’ll find more great recipes in this post on starting the day off right with a vegetable-packed breakfast.

Wondering about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Check out this recent  episode of the Nutrition Diva podcast (which features a special guest appearance from Everyday Einstein!).   I got to pull out more fancy scientific terminology–words like ‘convective’ and ‘evaporative’–in this post on whether  drinking hot tea cools you down faster than a cold beverage.

And, finally(whew!), this month’s Smart Nutrition segment with Tom Hall on WYPR-FM in Baltimore focuses on sports nutrition tips for serious athletes as well as weekend warriors.

That should keep you busy until next week!


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