This week: Glycerin, apricot pits, shelf-stable milk, curry recipes and more!

Name an ingredient that can be used to sweeten your coffee, lather up your hands, or blow up a mountain.   Give up? I explain what glycerin is and what it does for you in this week’s Nutrition Diva podcast.   I’ve also got the scoop on apricot pits as a cancer preventive on the Quick and Dirty Blog. And in this week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter, I explain the mysteries of milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

There was also good news for curry lovers this week! New research finds that, in addition to fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation, the active compound in turmeric also stimulates the immune response.  I’ve got details–along with a handful of summer-friendly curry recipes to try– on the What’s Cooking Blog.

And finally, in this interview with Paula Wolfson for WTOP in DC, I’ve got advice on the pros and cons of going gluten free when you aren’t gluten intolerant.

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