Water, water, everywhere…plus amber waves of grain

how much water do you really need?Oh dear.  I’m afraid I tipped another sacred cow  in this week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter.  In response to readers who find water “boring” and want to know what they can drink instead, I suggested that we stop viewing beverages as sources of entertainment.   One dietitian wrote to say that she found my advice “deplorable,” citing the conventional wisdom that people who only drink when they are thirsty are likely to be clinically dehydrated.  (I’ve never seen any evidence to support this assertion.)  Judging from the comments,  however, most readers seemed to understand the point I was trying to make.  Staying with the water-y theme, I have tips on seasonal vegetables that help fight water retention over on the What’s Cooking Blog.

In recognition of National Celiac Awareness Month, we reissued a Nutrition Diva episode on gluten free diets this week.  And, as long as we were on the topic of grains, I tried to clear up a listener’s confusion over the pros and cons of brown rice on the Quick and Dirty Blog.

Thanks for all of your great questions and comments. Your curiosity and enthusiasm (and even the objections and complaints) keep my job interesting!

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