3 thoughts on “How to Cook Fish in Parchment

  1. I find fish prepared ‘en cartoccio’ to be, as you aptly demonstrate, quick and easy. I find that also using a bed of an edible veg, such as haricot vert works excellent, both in keeping the filet out of any pooling and making the pouch a complete meal in and of itself. With salmon, due to the protective skin on the bottom, might I suggest placing the lemon slices on top in order to better infuse the flesh, and by snipping an ‘X’ in the top with scissors when serving, it allows the guest to peel the folds back when they are ready to dig in. All in all, very quick and easy ahead too.

    My hope is that the inflammation factor of cooked atlantic salmon is mistaken on nutritiondata; http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/finfish-and-shellfish-products/4259/2 shows -386!

  2. Aha! Good to know, it had been an especially perplexing mystery since the raw measures were so different. (Not that I will go 100% farmed, think of how much fresh veg by saving $5/lb, at least those weeks when I don’t want/can’t buy the chinook, coho, or steelhead!).

    ..and as you said in the video, the pouch cooking method works well for ‘gentler’, white fleshed fish exceedingly well, and saves you from cleaning the poacher!

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