Do water filters remove valuable minerals?

Q. In your podcast on mineral water, you said that tap water can be a source of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  If I use a water filtration pitcher to filter my tap water, am I removing these nutrients?

A. Great question!  To answer it, I got in touch with both PUR and Brita, who manufacture water filtration pitchers. Both assured me that any calcium or magnesium that is in your tap water to start with will not be removed by the filtration process.

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  1. Are the companies who produce these water filters really the right people to ask about their products removing minerals that naturally occur in many water supplies and are vital to our health? Your answer needs to dig deeper and come from several sources that deal with facts and have no need to protect a product.

    1. I can say the answer is no non of them remove all the minerals. I held my reverse osmosis clear glass of water up against my laser lights it had just as much tiny metal nano particles in it as my tap water. If they can’t remove those how the heck do they remove the minerals?

      1. I just heard that reverse omosis what’s the worst water to drink cuz it leeches minerals out of your body and doesn’t have any minerals in???

  2. You only said PUR and Brita do not remove calcium and magnesium . WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 70 MINERALS

  3. My well gives me plenty of calcium – magnesium – iron and all the joy of cleaning green and red stains. I don’t consider them “nutrients” because its all from rock/shale stone and my body probably can’t dissolve them.
    So, what to do? Zero Water appears to take out these minerals like RO. Perhaps use an additive?

  4. We have much trouble with white minerals. Plugs up water heater, fausets, leaves major stains on everything. We need to find out what they are and then filter them?

  5. To keep the water supply clean, a refrigerator water filter needs to be changed every six months. Keep in mind that flushing is also required while changing filters.
    You can clean a refrigerator water filter cartridge in place of purchasing a new filter if you’d rather save your money. This technique also involves soaking the refrigerator water filter.

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