Evidence against BPA is stacking up

As consumers have grown increasingly worried about the potential harm from BPA in plastic water bottles and canned food, food manufacturers have mounted a massive campaign aimed at convincing us that we’re over-reacting. See for example this article from the industry-funded International Food and Information Council: Science and the BPA Controversy

But it’s getting harder and harder to claim that consumers have nothing to fear from “normal” BPA exposure. New data out of Italy links BPA from foods to changes in testosterone levels. These are not lab rats being given huge doses of BPA. These are humans, simply going about their normal lives and eating their usual diet.

The study also found that BPA residues in the Italian men are slightly higher than those found in corresponding American populations. But given that canned tomatoes are one of the foods with the highest BPA levels, perhaps this just reflects a higher consumption of canned tomato products.

Unfortunately, the industry is doing more than spinning the bad news to the public. They’re also engaged in serious lobbying to weaken regulations that would improve safety but cost them money. See “Industry opposes BPA ban (of course)”

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