Better results with whole grain baking

Substituting whole wheat flour for white flour in baked goods such as quick breads, muffins, or pancakes can make these treats more nutritious. But unless the recipes have been specifically developed for whole wheat flour, the substitution can also turn your goodies into leaden lumps.

In muffins and other treats made with baking powder or soda, you’ll get better results with whole wheat pastry flour. This whole grain flour is nutritionally similar to traditional whole wheat, but produces lighter and more tender baked goods. Another good option is the confusingly named white whole wheat flour. This is a whole-grain flour made from a “white” variety of wheat. It produces whole grain baked goods that are almost as light in texture as those made with refined white flour.

You’ll find both in stores with a large selection of “natural” or alternative flours, or online.

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