Adventures with vegetables

Sweet potato leaves: who knew they were so delicious (and good for you)?!


As part of our commitment to eat more local foods, (see my post “Six ways to make your diet healthier (for the planet)”), we joined a CSA this year.  Back in March, we paid a lump sum  to a local organic farmer in exchange for a share of this year’s crops.  Now that the growing season is underway, we get a  basket every week, full of whatever vegetables they’re harvesting that week.

It’s been a fun challenge to get through the weekly mound of fresh greens, lettuces, beets, and squash before the next one arrives.  This week’s basket included a vegetable I’d never had before: sweet potato greens, presumably plucked from the crown of sweet potatoes that we’ll be enjoying later this season.

Like most greens, sweet potato leaves are  very low in calories. Plus, they’re an excellent source of vitamin K. (You can read more about this little-known nutrient in this post on  Vitamin K and blood thinners.)

The farmer suggested sauteeing them in a bit of oil, salt and pepper (what doesn’t taste good that way?!).  So this morning I did just that and folded the lightly wilted greens into an omelet with a bit of Boursin cheese.  DELICIOUS!  Turns out that sweet potato greens are tender and mild –not at all bitter–and without that “chalky” feeling that spinach can leave on your teeth.  Check your local farmer’s market this weekend for this delectable treat!

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