The Nutrition GPA™ concept and quiz was developed as a self-help tool for those wanting to monitor and improve their eating habits and nutrition status.





The Nutrition GPA is also the basis for my 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade™ group challenge. Click here to see some of the research underlying the Nutrition GPA™  concept.

Here’s what users have to say:

“The Nutrition GPA is a wonder! It gently guides you to better choices in an easy, amusing way rather than imposing crazy limits on one’s eating. The GPA history makes keeping track very easy.”

“I have spent years tracking my food in an effort to lose weight. But I tended to track when I was “good” and not bothering when I was “bad.” I finally decided I wasn’t getting anywhere with that. With this approach, I’ve lost 4 pounds. I haven’t counted a calorie and I’m loving it!”

“I’ve wanted to eat healthier for a long time and always got overwhelmed and confused not really knowing where to start. This has been a super easy, accessible way to start.”

“I love that I don’t have to track everything, scour nutrition facts, etc. When I buy packaged foods, I look at the serving size and the ingredients and that’s it!”

“I have been tracking my food forever. But my diet was still very poor and high in sugar. Since using the Nutrition GPA I’ve cut my sugar and increased healthy foods. It didn’t change my average calorie intake, but has helped me drop a few pounds.”

“This program helps me to remember that eating healthful food is not a punishment, and eating occasional “treats” is perfectly fine.”

“The GPA concept really helped me make a mental shift. One “good” day or one “bad” doesn’t matter nearly as much as how your choices add up over time.”

The Nutrition GPA™ is available for both iOS and Android devices. Click here to get more information about the 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade™  program.


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