Change your eating habits for the better (and for good)

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Improve your nutrition and create lifelong sustainable eating habits

The 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade™ is a simple but highly effective way to reshape your eating habits and upgrade your nutrition, starting exactly where you are right now.

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Let me tell you about the power of the 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade...


  • Being confident that one indulgence or slip-up does not ruin your diet. No more guilt and shame
  • Going right back to healthier options the very next meal after a less-than-healthy food choice. No more on-the-wagon, off-the-wagon cycles
  • Focusing on adding more nutritious foods to your diet, instead of grinding through a restrictive plan. No more forbidden foods
  • Cultivating more nutrition awareness without the tedious and time-consuming daily food log. No more counting calories, points, or macros
  • Having daily online access to a licensed nutritionist, plus hundreds of people who have changed their eating habits for good. No more late-night Googling to answer your diet questions

Our next Upgrade will begin in Spring 2019. To find out about hosting an Upgrade for your school or organization, please contact Julianne Lewis.


To find out about hosting an Upgrade for your school or organization, please contact Julianne Lewis 

What to expect

The 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade isn’t a diet or a detox.

It’s a simple–but powerful–program that builds your awareness and helps you make healthier choices every day.

Participants in the 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade report:

  • Enjoying their food more
  • Improved digestion
  • More energy and/or improved mood
  • Feeling less hungry
  • Losing weight
  • Finally bringing out-of-control snacking under control
  • 100% of participants felt that the program made a positive difference in their eating habits

Use the Nutrition GPA app to build awareness

Instead of tracking every single thing you eat, you’ll log into my Nutrition GPA smartphone app once a day and answer 10 yes-or-no questions about what you ate.

Nutrition GPA Question

The app will calculate your grade for the day. 

Nutrition GPA Score

You’ll also see your GPA–the average of your scores over time–and be able to see clearly the tweaks you need to make to improve your grade.

Nutrition GPA
  • The whole process takes about 2 minutes a day and can be effortlessly incorporated in to any daily routine.
  • 93% of participants continue to use the app every day after the 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade is over.

The 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade Includes:

  • A live online program kickoff with me. I’ll introduce you to the science behind the Nutrition GPA app and answer all your questions. (Kickoff will be recorded if you can't attend live.)

  • Your two-minute daily diet assessment using my Nutrition GPA app. You’ll answer 10 questions each day in the app (ranked one of the "Top 4 Food Tracking Apps" by The New York Times).

  • Tons of extras to dive deeper. You’ll receive a library of resources that digs into the science behind your Nutrition GPA, plus practical tips and recipes to help you make changes to your diet.

  • Live ongoing support. Access to our private Facebook community for life! Ask me questions and get advice and support from current participants and alumni.

  • Fun recipe recommendations. Current and past Upgraders post recipes on our Pinterest board all the time!

...All For just $40

Leverage the power of nutrition science–plus the power of community–to transform your eating habits

What participants are saying

The upgrade has changed my life! I feel more energy and less brain fog, I have lost 3 pounds, decreased my sugar intake (without feeling deprived). The program helps me to make better choices on a more consistent basis. This is amazing.”

“I’m loving the program! Feeling great and so psyched to be making sustainable changes rather than embarking on yet another intense, radical, short-term overhaul that ends up fizzling out.”

“This program helped me to remember that eating healthful food is not a punishment, and eating occasional "treats" is perfectly fine. And if I have days where I make poorer eating choices, it doesn't make me a bad person.”

“This program provided daily accountability and flexibility. It’s just what I needed to help me make better choices NOW instead of the elusive tomorrow. I’ve lost five pounds and I feel proud of my eating choices at the end of most days.”

  • We start October 19th with a live kickoff at 6pm ET. (Recorded if you can't join live.)

Click below to join hundreds of people who have already improved their eating habits for good.

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Make it fun!

  • Compete with your kids or spouse
  • Create workplace teams
  • Set goals and plan for fun rewards
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    Celebrate with your fellow participants


Q. What foods do I need to give up to succeed with this program?

Q. My diet is already pretty healthy. What do I have to gain from this program? 

Q. I’m vegan/vegetarian. Will this program work for me?

Q. I can’t make the live kickoff session. Can I watch it the next day?

Q. I’m not ready to start the program right now.  Can I just register when I’m ready to start and watch the recording then? 

Q. Can I do the challenge if I don’t use Facebook?

Q.  I live in Europe/England/Australia/etc.  Is the program geared around things only available in the States or is it suitable globally?

About Monica

Hi! I’m Monica Reinagel. I’m a licensed nutritionist with a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition. I’m the host of the super-popular podcast The Nutrition Diva, where I help you sort food facts from fiction. 

I’m a regular guest on shows like the TODAY show, Doctor Oz show, and NPR’s Morning Edition, and I’ve written a handful of books, including Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet.

Oh, and I’m a trained chef! My mission is to make eating healthy a little bit easier and a whole lot saner.

Ready to join me for The 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade?

We start October 19th with a live online kickoff at 6pm ET. Recorded if you can't join live!

The program costs just $40 and a commitment to make small changes each day.

In return, you get a lifetime of better nutrition and healthier eating habits. 

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