Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Healthy Behaviors

Resources relating to my presentations at the 2018 PA-NEN Annual Conference

Presentation Slides

Closing the Gap: PANEN 2018 Presentation

Motivational Interviewing Resources

Changing for Good   by James Prochaska

Inspiring and Supporting Behavior Change: A Food, Nutrition, and Health Professional’s Counseling Guide,  by Ann Constance and Cecilia Sauter 

Counselling Patients Who Just Won’t Change by Lindsey Getz (Today’s Dietitian)

Tactical Empowerment Solutions

How to get more vegetables into your diet

Finding vegetables you like to eat

 How to use flax and chia

Tips for reducing gas from beans

Learning to love legumes

Power of Planning

Meal Planning: What Works

Time Saving Tips for Eating Healthy

Most Nutritious Foods for the Money

Healthiest Foods at the Convienience Store 

How to eat healthy when traveling