Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet

Virtually everything you (really) need to know about shopping and eating healthy in one slim volume, including recipes, sample meal plans, and shopping lists.

The Inflammation Free Diet Plan

Learn how low-level systemic inflammation undermines your health and how to fix it with food.   (And, yes of course, there’s an app for that!)  There’s lots more about inflammation and your health on my website.

How to Win at Losing

Elaborate theories and complicated regimens sell books and magazines but they (obviously) don’t offer a real solution. In this brief but empowering book, I sift through the science and the silliness, separate food fact from food fiction, and reveals simple strategies that lead to lasting success.

Grocery Store Survival Guide

Previously published as part of Secrets for a Healthy Diet, this is your essential guide to all the questions and conundrums that come up at the grocery store. I’ll walk you through every aisle and help you make the best choices in every category and help ensure that you arrive home with the groceries you need to prepare and enjoy healthy balanced meals.

Nutrition Zombies: Myths that Refuse to Die

Next time you get one of those emails from your mother warning that drinking ice water with meals causes stomach cancer, or your spinning instructor starts explaining the importance of a regular “cleanse,” or your co-worker claims that today’s fruits and vegetables are completely devoid of nutrients, you’ll be armed with the actual facts.

Life After College 

In this essential guide for life after college, I team up with 11 other experts from the Quick and Dirty Tips network to tackle the most important issues facing every recent grad. Including:
– How do I get a job?
– How do I lose the weight I gained in college?
– Can writing become a career?
– How do I stock a healthy kitchen on a budget?


It’s never too late to jumpstart your life!  My fellow experts at Quick and Dirty Tips and I have compiled simple, effective advice for every area of life in sections on Career and Productivity, Communication and Relationships, Health and Fitness, Money and Finance, House and Home, and Parenting and Family Life.