"I've tried absolutely everything to lose weight. 
Nothing worked...until this."

It's Time to Ditch the Diets for Good

Weighless is not a diet or an exercise program. (You've probably already tried a hundred of those.) This is something completely different: a structured lifestyle change program that combines nutrition science, behavior modification, professional guidance, and community support. 

Together, we work on developing and strengthening the mindset, habits, and lifestyle that lead to a healthy body weight--and permanent fat loss--without dieting.

This year-long program gives you the time and support you need to establish and reinforce new skills, attitudes, and habits, to discover what dietary patterns and strategies work best for you, and to problem-solve the inevitable barriers and challenges.

You won't just be changing  the size of your body or the number on the scale. You'll also be rewiring your brain, renovating your metabolism and body composition, and revamping your lifestyle.

Your Weighless coaches

Monica Reinagel has been helping people create healthier lives for over 15 years through her podcast, books, online coaching programs and in-person workshops. As a licensed and board-certified nutritionist, her approach is grounded in science but is also practical and realistic. Monica is also a former professional opera singer.

Brock Armstrong is a certified fitness coach who has more than a decade of experience working with people of all fitness levels to increase their strength, mobility, and ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  He believes that the real value of fitness is rooted in the basics of daily movement itself, not in how much weight you lift or how far you can run.  Brock is also a former professional ballet dancer.

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