Do your clients struggle with their eating habits?

Are they looking for more nutrition guidance than you can provide?

Need a fun (and easy) way to get your community more engaged?


A short-term partnership for long-term impact


I'm Monica

I’m a licensed nutritionist, behavior change coach, and creator of the 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade --- an evidence-based, diet- and dogma-free approach to creating healthier eating habits that last.  

I've teamed up with major US corporations, state university systems, as well as dozens of individual practitioners to bring the 30 Day Nutrition Upgrade to thousands of people. If you're a coach or trainer with a wellness-focused business or audience (of any size), I'd love to partner with you.

Monica Reinagel, MS/LDN

Here's how it works

Our next partnership opportunity is November 2023

If you're looking for...

  • A fun way to engage your audience and build community -- without having to create or deliver a new program
  • A proven way to help your people be more consistent with healthy eating habits  (You'll be a hero!)
  • An opportunity to showcase your expertise to new, health-focused consumers
  • Additional revenue

...I'd love to share more details.

Let's talk!

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