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Live Kickoff : 
Friday, April 9th

12pm MT

Registration closes at 12pm MT on April 8th.

Time left to register


Cost $40  (Enter MUS Wellness Promo Code to save $30!)

 Here's What past participants have to say:


I felt that the 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade was an amazing experience. It’s a wonderful addition to the MUS Wellness Program, and I would recommend the Upgrade to anyone!


I wanted to find a way to eat mindfully, without a thousand do’s and don’ts!

Now I know how!


I'm loving the program! Feeling great and making sustainable changes rather than embarking on yet another intense, radical, short-term overhaul that ends up fizzling out.


  • 1
    Live kickoff on April 9th at 12pm MT (Recording available)
  • 2
    Nutrition GPA app 
  • 3
    Downloadable handouts and other program materials.
  • 4
    Daily email tips plus private (optional) Facebook group for coaching and support 
  • 5
    Live online check-in 

your coaches

Cristin Stokes, RDN, LN

Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN

 more from recent participants:


This program provided daily accountability and flexibility. It’s just what I needed to help me make better choices NOW instead of the elusive tomorrow. I’ve lost five pounds and I feel proud of my eating choices at the end of most days.


I’ve wanted more structure to help improve my nutrition, but have been afraid of falling into the obsessive diet traps. I loved the balanced and non-restrictive nature of the program.


The upgrade has changed my life! I feel more energized, have lost 3 pounds, decreased my sugar intake (without feeling deprived). The program helps me to make better choices on a more consistent basis. This is amazing.

*Important Note:  We have a limited number of spaces available. 

Reserve your spot now! 

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