This week: Moringa nutrition facts, iron for vegetarians, energy vs nutrient density, and free socks!

moringa-flowerLast week’s podcast was triggered by a press release I received, claiming that something called “moringa” is the most nutritious food on the planet. (That’s a photo of it ==>)

Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the science behind the hype.  You might want to read this before plunking down your credit card for a bottle of the stuff!

In this week’s show, I explained the differences between energy density and nutrient density. Nutrient dense foods are always preferable, of course. But whether you want low or high energy density depends on your goals. Once you’ve listened to or read the podcast, this handy chart will help you keep it all straight.

From the mailbag,  a question on good plant-based sources of iron led another in my series of (highly bookmark-able) nutrient cheat sheets.

And finally, some Nutrition Diva listeners have been singing the praises of the awesome socks they got for free from one of our new sponsors. Get your free pair by going to

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