This week: bone broth, nut allergies, belly fat, and resolution rescue


January is Volunteer Blood Donor month. For all those who save lives by donating blood, here are some tips on what to eat before and after donating blood.

Still in the market for a New Year’s resolution? Here are my best picks for healthy habits to adopt in the New Year, along with tips on how to make them stick.

If the buzz on “bone broth” has piqued your curiosity, you’re right on trend. Here’s my analysis of what you can  (and can’t) expect bone broth to do for you.

From the mail bag, a request for some healthy snack ideas for those with nut allergies and from the archives, an oft-requested topic: Foods that Burn Belly Fat.

If you belonged to a food coop in college (me: proud member of the Boston Coop 1981-1985!!), you might be surprised to learn how coops have evolved with the times. Check out my article in Food and Nutrition Magazine on the great Coop Comeback.

Stay Warm! Spring is Coming!

(And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere: Live it up! Winter is Coming!)

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