This week: burning off calories, protein intake, avocado research and reflux remedies

2 slices of pizza = 45 minutes jumping rope. Or does it?

As you know, I often advocate for the benefits of eating more protein. Yet some experts claim that Americans are already eating twice as much protein as they “should.”  Are we really hurting ourselves with too much protein or might the protein-bashers have another agenda? My thoughts here.

Meanwhile, CNN says we need to jump rope for 45 minutes every time we have pizza. But is it really necessary to “burn off” off the calories you eat? No: and here’s why.

As if I need another excuse to eat avocados, new research suggests that they aid in the conversion of beta-carotene into vitamin A. Read more.

And here’s some advice on what (not) to drink before bed if you suffer from reflux, plus a surprising remedy.

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