This week: PCOS, calorie controversies, all about kefir, summer recipes, and more

Chilled Cucumber Soup recipeAhoy there! (Or, for those of a more piratical bent: Avast!)  Here in the Northeast, U.S.,  the hot weather has arrived in earnest. If your will to cook is wilting along with the salad greens, this refreshing Chilled Cucumber Soup may be just the thing.

This week’s podcast, “Are Some Calories More Fattening Than Others?” was inspired by an ongoing discussion I’ve been having with nutrition professor and fellow myth-slayer, LeeAnn Simons.  You probably won’t be surprised that we’ve staked out a middle ground between the extreme poles of “Calories Don’t Matter” and “Calories are All That Matters.”

The previous week’s podcast offers nutrition and diet tips for the growing number of young women dealing with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS.  If you don’t have any ovaries yourself, please feel free to share it with someone who does.

In this week’s newsletter, a question about brown rice (and the surprising answer). And in last week’s Smart Nutrition segment on WYPR-FM, Tom Hall and I try to sort through confusing new research on protein: Are you getting enough? Are you getting too much? Listen to our conversation here.

The latest issue of Food and Nutrition Magazine is all about dairy, and includes my article on kefir–the fastest rising star in the fermented food firmament.

Thanks to Sarah Klein of Huffington Post for letting me rant a bit about detox in her roundup of popular nutrition nonsense and to Emily Ho for including me in her great article on the nutritional and culinary benefits of sprouted grains.

So much for the week’s business! Who has interesting vacation plans? Who has a spare room in their Tuscan villa or Caribbean island?

2 thoughts on “This week: PCOS, calorie controversies, all about kefir, summer recipes, and more

  1. Monica,
    Your link to the “Are Some Calories More Fattening Than Others?” podcast actually goes to the chilled cucumber soup recipe.

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