This week: Hidden pesticides, nutrition for great-looking skin, foods that lower blood pressure, raw milk and more

Habits_IM5According to a recent survey, three-quarters of American shoppers are worried about pesticides in the food supply.  But, as I discuss in this week’s podcast,  what’s in your grocery cart may be the least of your problems. Read more about hidden sources of pesticide exposure and how to avoid them.

On a lighter note, here are some diet and nutrition tips for improving the health and appearance of your skin including a recipe for a smoothie that makes a great facial.

A reader asks for tips on lowering blood pressure without medication and another wonders whether raw milk may have been the cause of her recent stomach bug.

From my blog on Huffington Post,  here are four ways to help your kids learn healthy eating habits. And the most recent in my (surprisingly popular) series of Nutrition Cheat Sheets: Sources of Potassium.

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