This week: the mood food connection, textured vegetable protein, meal planning tips, and a new healthy restaurant

This week, psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen joins me for a series on the mood-food connection. In the first installment, we talk about self-medicating with food, and the pros and cons of using carbs to lift your mood. In the second part, we chatted about nutrients that can help treat and prevent depression and what the field of psychology has to offer in the fight against obesity.

In the mail bag this week were questions about texturized soy protein (is this vegan staple actually good for you?) and the urban legend that storing food in open tin cans will give you food poisoning. (It won’t but there are still a couple of reasons not to do this.)

Along the way, I discovered a wonderful new solution for those of you who struggle to come up with ideas and recipes for healthy dinners.

Finally, after two and a half years of hard work, ReViVer NYC opened it’s doors this week. No-one eats out more than New Yorkers and no-one has more choices. But I believe that ReViVer offers something new: a restaurant where there is absolutely no penalty for eating well. Please check out the menu and our nutritional principles, and next time you’re in New York, I hope you’ll stop by.


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